Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Moment in Time

Several years ago, I paid a friend to design a book cover for my poems, in the hopes that someday I would have them published. Lately I've been encouraged (mostly by you!) to compile my blog posts into a book. I think I may do just that, sometime. I might even use a version of this cover for that book. Also, here's one of the poems I wrote over six years ago. Keep in mind, it was done a long time ago and I know it is not perfect. I'm always a work in progress.
A Moment in Time
by Darlene Womack

The vision unfolds; I know it so well.
Ever fleeting, yet everlasting, as I attempt to tell
If it really is me, coursing nearer to my Home.
A Host of Friends encourage; I am never alone.

Time after time, it appears to be
That work and adversity are all I can see.
Then impressions of Eternity come into my view
To remind me these moments will be but a few.
Press on! I must! More determined, becoming stronger.
To fall behind now will only make the journey seem longer.
Keep going! Don’t stop! ‘Be not afraid.’
This moment in time is for what you were made.

When the day is harsh and seems unfair
I reach for my Friend; I know He is there.
The Love of the Savior fills me within,
And I know that life’s battles, surely I’ll win.
With my Goal back in sight, renewed Hope touches my soul,
Gently healing my heart, and once again, I am whole.
Inspired by Personal Trials and Triumphs
February 2004
We'll see what happens....


  1. You're very talented, Darlene. Keep writing. I wish you success.

    -Ashley Aynes

  2. Thanks, Ashley! I wish you much success, too.